World Schizophrenia Day: A stressful life puts a strain on the mind

orld schizophrenia day: stressful life is putting burden on the mind



Due to the increasing stressful life in metropolitan cities, changing lifestyle and other reasons, the burden on the mind is increasing. People who suffer from this are increasingly seeing psychiatric problems. These people cannot distinguish between imaginary and real things. Often seen talking alone. They feel that someone is trying to humiliate them. They remain lost in themselves. The disease called schizophrenia is rapidly increasing in such psychopaths.

Symptoms of this disease are found in thirty percent of patients in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi. Before Covid, this figure was around 10-20 percent. At the same time, the situation is similar in other hospitals. On the other hand, about 11 lakh patients are found in the world every year according to the World Health Organization. About 0.8 percent of people in the country have symptoms of schizophrenia. Running at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

The patient is an IT engineer by profession, the entire family of this patient who gets a package of 20 lakhs annually depends on him. As long as this patient is on medication, he is fine. The problem increases after coming off the drugs. The situation is such that he had to be hospitalized twice in the past two years. Seeing his behavior in the office, he was also fired from the company twice. Doctors say that it is necessary to monitor such patients specially.

Patients get up to 30 percent

Dr. Lokesh Shekhawat, professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital said that about seven thousand patients come to the hospital for treatment every year. About 30 percent of these patients show symptoms of schizophrenia. He said that treatment of such a patient is possible, but the drugs take a long time. If the patient leaves the medicine in between, he will suffer again.

cure disease

The treatment of schizophrenia takes a long time. If a patient shows symptoms, he should contact the doctor and start treatment immediately. Medications are effective in treating schizophrenia, but the patient must take medication for a year or two.

symptoms of schizophrenia

  • Unable to distinguish between imaginary and real things, the person always feels that everyone is against him.
  • Adds the experience of chance to his own event, the patient feels that his partner is in a relationship with someone else, the patient always hears a voice that is not in reality.

who can get the disease

  • heredity, up to 40 percent likely from a parent
  • Lifestyle stress and other reasons
  • chemical imbalance in the brain
  • smoking and drinking

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