Will there be a way out? – Hindi Times media

Will there be a way out?  - Hindi Times media

The World Economic Forum, held each year in Davos, Switzerland, is an important event whose discussions often make the news. The reason for this is that the actors that run the global economy converge there – what they say gives an idea of ​​what their priorities are now. The 53rd annual meeting of the Forum took place from 16 to 20 January. This year’s agenda was mutual cooperation in a scattered world. At a time when the world is divided into two camps, this agenda is relevant, but it seems impossible to build a consensus along its spirit. The Forum meeting took place amid global inflation, the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine and the resurgence of Covid in China. The issues of inflation, energy crisis and increasing covid in China continued to be a major talking point during the meeting. Forum head Klaus Schwab said economic, social, geopolitical and environmental crises seem to be merging, creating a very diverse and uncertain future.
He has said: At the Davos annual meeting, efforts were made to ensure that leaders do not get caught up in the crisis mentality. The event claims to be attended by approximately 2,700 politicians, business people and social influencers from 130 countries. But this time, the presence of heads of state or government of major countries remained nominal. German Chancellor Olof Scholz is the only one of the G-7 countries to participate. US President Joe Biden or Chinese President Xi Jinping did not attend. This made a difference in the meeting. The absence of the leaders of both great powers meant there was no hope of meaningful conversations on the issues of global tensions. However, the business leaders of the two countries met in Davos and discussed the growing business ties over the years. It remains to be seen whether this leads to any reduction in these tensions.

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