Weather Update: Delhi Is Colder Than Shimla-Manali, Seasonal Record Broken, Gets Immediate Relief, Then Situation Will Get Worse

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Cold wave continues in northern India. Winter is constantly breaking records in the plains. Delhi recorded the season’s lowest minimum temperature of 2.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday. It was five degrees below normal. The condition of the cold was such that on Saturday, the hill stations of Shimla, Nainital and Manali recorded higher temperatures than Delhi. Gurugram was the coldest place in NCR with the lowest minimum temperature of 2.5 degrees Celsius. While in Faridabad less temperature than Noida was recorded. At the same time, visibility remained very low due to dense fog. Visibility in the morning continued to rise to 25-50 meters in places.

Last Thursday, the temperature in Delhi was recorded at three degrees. That was the coldest day of this season, but Saturday’s cold once again broke this season’s record. The minimum temperature was 2.2 degrees Celsius. The Ridge area experienced another chill, with a minimum temperature of 5.6 degrees Celsius, 1.5 degrees Celsius below normal. It was 2.0 in Lodi Road, 3.4 degrees Celsius in Ayanagar. Earlier in the year 2021, on January 1, the temperature was recorded at 1.1 degrees. While last year in 2022 the record for the coldest day of the season was January 1 when the temperature was 4.2 degrees Celsius. While in 2020, on January 1, the temperature was 2.4 degrees Celsius.

Colder than Shimla, Nainital and Manali

Delhi-NCR gets colder than hill stations. The temperature in these areas remained above four degrees on Saturday. While the minimum temperature in NCR areas was recorded between two and four degrees. The minimum temperature was 7.8 in Shimla, 5.8 in Nainital and 4.0 degrees Celsius in Manali. While the minimum temperature was 2.5 in Gurugram, 3.4 in Faridabad, 3.7 in Noida and 4.1 degrees Celsius in Ghaziabad.

melting will increase again due to the effect of westerly disturbance

According to the Meteorological Department, a new Western Disturbance is knocking on Northwest India. The effect will be felt in the plains after three to four days. For this reason there will be another return of biting cold. At the moment, the department has expressed the possibility of getting relief from the cold snap from Monday. For this reason, not only will the maximum temperature rise until January 13, but the minimum temperature will also rise to 8 degrees. This will only be a temporary relief. There is no possibility of postponing the fog until next week. There is also a chance of dense fog and cold on Sunday morning.

Thus the minimum temperature dropped

January 1 5.5 degrees

January 2 7.6 degree

January 3 8.5 degree

January 4 4.4 degree

January 5 3.0 degree

Jan 06 4.0 degree

January 7 2.2 degree

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