Weather Forecast: changes in weather, thick fog surprised in Delhi-NCR

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There are many ups and downs in the weather in Delhi-NCR. Delhi-NCR remained wrapped in a blanket of dense fog on Wednesday. This reduced visibility to Safdarjung Airport to 50 metres. This happened because of the effect of western disturbance. This kind of fog surprised people after warm days in the last week of February. The effect of fog can also be seen in the morning.

Delhi-NCR has witnessed a rise in temperature for the past three to four days. Monday was the third warmest day in 55 years. When the temperature reached 33.6 °C. On Wednesday, the maximum temperature of 29.3 degrees Celsius was registered five degrees above normal. While the minimum temperature of 14.6 degrees Celsius was three degrees above normal. In general, between 22 and 28 February, the maximum temperature remains between 24 and 25 degrees. According to the Meteorological Service, the fog cover and a slight drop in temperature were due to a westerly disturbance. This is why this change in weather happened.

Faridabad hottest in NCR

Faridabad was the hottest in NCR. Here the maximum temperature was recorded at 30.6 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 18.6 degrees Celsius, while in Noida the maximum temperature was 30 degrees and the minimum temperature was 16.4 degrees. Ghaziabad recorded 28.6 and 16.4. The maximum temperature in Gurugram was 27.7 and the minimum temperature was 15.1 degrees Celsius.

After two-three the temperature starts to rise again

According to the Meteorological Service, the sky will be clear on Thursday and light fog can be seen in the morning. While the maximum temperature is estimated at 29 and the minimum temperature at 13 degrees. After two to three days, the temperature starts to rise again.

Haze is likely to affect flight operations

Wednesday’s fog hampered the aircraft’s operation from the airport. In view of this, the airlines operating the aircraft have also warned passengers that, given the bad weather conditions, they should only reach the airport after locating the aircraft, as the flight may be delayed. Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has issued a statement saying flight services may be disrupted. Do not reach the airport until you have contacted the appropriate airline for your flight. However, it also said that all flights remained normal on Wednesday.

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