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This era of democracy!

The incident that happened in Washington, Brazil on January 6, 2021 has been repeated. The only difference is that the US House of Representatives was stormed by supporters of Donald Trump when their leader was still in the White House. Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro stormed Brazil’s presidential palace, parliament and Supreme Court just a week after new president Luiz Inésio Lula da Silva took office. Although security forces cleared these centers of power after a few hours of fighting by far-right gangs, sporadic violence by Bolsonaro supporters in front of government installations in other parts of the country continued even after that. Significantly, Bolsonaro refused to accept defeat in the presidential election held in October in Trump’s line. In line with Trump supporters, his supporters have not yet been able to accept the election results. Over the past three months, he has repeatedly called on the military to take power.
The question is, what kind of democracy is this? With increasing polarization in societies, the trend of easy acceptance of election results is weakening. Blaming only a few misguided people for this trend would make the problem superficial. In fact, what has happened is that as the process of democracy has progressed in societies over the past decades, the interests of the traditionally ruling/dominant sections have been compromised. Now they have made a comeback in recent decades. For this, they have built up a large following through a well-thought-out plan to spread hysteria based on religion, race, etc. Social media has made it easier for them to achieve this goal. Throughout this plan, we see attempts being made to overthrow democracy and implement oligarchy. According to reports from Brazil, Bolsonaro supporters are mainly groups with mining, land and financial interests. All democratic countries should consider this incident and trend. It’s time to be alert.

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