The construction of 26 lakes and 380 water bodies in Delhi will solve the water problem: Arvind Kejriwal – Delhi will become a city of lakes,


Delhi will be a city of lakes, the water problem will be solved

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal inspected the sewage treatment plant at Pappan Kalan Lake

The government increases the amount of oxygen in the water of the lakes by installing aerators

Hiking trail and park will be constructed in Pappan Kalan Lake: Saurabh Bhardwaj

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New Delhi. Soon there will be relief from the water problem in Delhi. The government is working in this direction on a war basis. Groundwater is replenished through renovation and new construction of lakes. The government creates 26 lakes and 380 water bodies in Delhi. With which Delhi not only becomes a city of lakes, but also gets rid of the water problem. In addition, the amount of oxygen in the water of the lakes is increased by installing aerators so that the water becomes drinkable.

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal inspected Pappan Kalan wastewater treatment plant on Saturday. On this occasion, he said that the government will build 26 lakes in an area of ​​300 hectares. 230 MGD treated water will be put in it. Restoring the lakes will make Delhi a city of lakes and solve the water problem. The amount of oxygen in the water is increased so that the water becomes drinkable. Within a radius of half a kilometer around Pappan Kalan Lake, the water table has risen by 6.25 meters. On this occasion, water minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said that before the formation of the ‘AAP’ government, there was no water in Dwarka. The Chief Minister brought water to this area. The government of Delhi will make a beautiful walkway and park in Pappan Kalan Lake for people to enjoy.


Technology of the 21st century is adopted

The chief minister said the Delhi government is charging and recycling groundwater at its own level by becoming self-sufficient. In the 21st century, many such techniques have emerged, with which groundwater can be replenished and recycled. Many such experiments have also taken place across the country. The Delhi government is making efforts in this direction in the capital. The water from the sewage treatment plant is purified to 10 out of 10 purity and is discharged into the lakes. Based on this, two artificial lakes of seven and four hectares have been created in Pappan Kalan Lake. Treated water of STP is released in these lakes. The beauty of this area has been enhanced by the formation of the lake. The advantage of the artificial lake is that by pouring purified water into the lake for a year, the groundwater level in the area of ​​half a kilometer around it has risen. The groundwater level has risen by 6.25 metres. While earlier the groundwater level of the area had dropped by 20 meters. According to Jal Board officials, water is now only available in this area after digging 13 meters of land up to half a kilometer away. Piezometers are placed in the area around the lake that can indicate how much the groundwater level has risen.


birds come to wetland built on lakes

Many wetlands have been created in these artificial lakes. As a result, many species of birds come here. The whole environment has become very beautiful because of this. Getting this kind of environment within the Delhi area is a great achievement in itself. Likewise, 26 lakes are created. Of which 16 artificial lakes. Apart from this, there are 10 natural lakes in Delhi whose water has dried up completely. Now there are only pits. The Delhi government will give a new look to these lakes by filling them with water.


Corrected 35 small bodies of water

The prime minister went on to say that water bodies built in an area less than two and a half hectares are called small water bodies. The Delhi government has already restored 35 small water bodies. At the same time, there are a total of 380 small water bodies all over Delhi, which the government will fix. CM said that two works will be done in Delhi in this way. On the one hand, Delhi is becoming a city of lakes and on the other hand, the water level in Delhi is rising. The method of extracting water by charging and recycling groundwater will prove very successful in solving the water problem in Delhi. After September, the water of Pappan Kalan Lake will be used as drinking water.

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