Terror Plot: Terrorists planned to attack Delhi’s historic buildings

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Pakistani intelligence agency ISI present in the custody of the special cell of the Delhi Police and Khalistan terrorist Arshdeep Singh Gill alias Arsh Dalla supported terrorists Jagjit Singh alias Jagga and Naushad who are in Canada have made a sensational revelation. These terrorists wanted to attack historical places and buildings in Delhi. For this ISI had sent grenades to him.

He had done Reiki at some historical places in Delhi. The suspects also disclosed that they had deliberately chosen the Hindu boy to kill in order to gain the trust of ISI officers. Money came to Naushad after his murder.

The Special Cell’s investigation revealed that Naushad came into contact with Ashfaq, a terrorist from Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and Harkat al-Ansar in prison. After this he came into contact with terrorist Arif, convicted of the attack on the Red Fort. Ashfaq introduced Naushad to the Lashkar terrorist Sohail. Sohaiz turned Naushad into a jihadi.

Sohail was about to send him to Pakistan for training. On behalf of Sohail, Naushad went to Nepal twice in 2019 to get a passport made to go to Pakistan. The agent who had to make his passport in Nepal has been arrested for accepting bribes. During his stay in Jahangirpuri, Naushad Jagjit smuggled drugs and weapons along with preparations for the incidents.

One crore rupee was to be received after the murder.

Arsh Dalla, a terrorist residing in Canada, is in direct contact with Khalistani terrorist Gurwant Singh Pannu. Arsh Dalla had ordered Jagga to kill Anil Arora, the vice president of the Shiv Sena in Punjab. Arsh Dalla had promised to give one crore to Jagjit after he killed the vice president. The assassination of the leader of Shiv Sena was supposed to take place between January 27 and January 31.

Jagga had done Reiki at the end of December to kill the leader of Shiv Sena. On the other hand, the police investigation has revealed that Sohail had asked Jagga and Naushad to assassinate Hindu leaders in Delhi and Punjab. They were lured with huge sums of money to assassinate Hindu leaders.

The leader of Bajrang Dal was to be assassinated on 27

The terrorists said during interrogations that Sohail gave instructions to kill Jitendra Kumar, leader of Bajrang Dal of Hoshiarpur, Punjab. After killing the leader, he was secured Rs 50 lakh. They would kill the leader on January 27. Before this, Jagga had done Reiki.

try to flee Pakistan

Naushad Ali, a terrorist arrested in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri district, has made important revelations for the Delhi Police. Sources said on Thursday he received instructions from his Pakistani escorts and attempted to flee to Pakistan via Nepal twice. In this, however, he failed.

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