Teacher-principal dialogue: cm Kejriwal said – Schools in tents have become talented schools, opposition leader asked questions

मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal
– Photo: social media


Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal, while interacting with the teachers and headmasters of government schools who took training in Finland, Singapore and Cambridge at Tyagraj Stadium on Sunday, said that due to the education revolution in Delhi, tent schools have now become talent schools. Training teachers together with an excellent infrastructure changed the atmosphere in the school and the results started to get good. Critics also believe that a revolutionary change has taken place in Delhi’s education sector.

Rather, the government wanted better government schools to be built than private schools, which were built. Now the thought is to get better than the schools of the world. The education revolution has also happened in Punjab. A ‘School of Eminence’ is established in each constituency and the first batch of teachers goes to Singapore for training. The prime minister said efforts are being made for the first time to train teachers and directors of government schools abroad. If this plan had not been made until after independence, poverty would have been eradicated from the country by now. India will only make progress if we give the children a good education.

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