Story of obscene teacher: 45-year-old tutor molested 10th grade student, told all at home; Accused Arrested – Teacher arrested for molesting a student

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A case of sexual assault of a class 10 student has come to light in the Dwarka area. Under the pretext of teaching, a 45-year-old tutor engaged in obscene acts with a student. Used to threaten her when she protested. As the antics intensified, the victim told everything to the relatives. The matter was immediately reported to the police. After escorting the student, the police arrested the accused tutor by registering a case of poxo and molestation on her complaint. The suspect has also been sent to prison after appearing in court.

Tutor threatened to kill the student

According to the police, the student lives with her family in the Dwarka Sector-4 district. The family consists of parents, uncles and other members. The girl is in class X at a public school nearby. For the last eight months or so, she went to an educational institution nearby to study math and science. In the beginning everything went well. But later, the tutor started to harass her slowly. If she protested, the suspect would berate her. He threatened to kill someone if he spoke up. The actions of the suspect increased. Alarmed, the student told her uncle everything.

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