Satish Kaushik Reminder: Satish Bhai Sahab will be missed a lot… Ajay told the story of being with him in the village – Will miss you very much Satish Bhai Sahab

चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान सतीश कौशिक...

Satish Kaushik during the election campaign.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

Actor-director Satish Kaushik said goodbye to the world at the age of 66. Kaushik always makes everyone laugh and has a deep bond with Delhi. He lived in Vikaspuri and Karol Bagh and graduated from Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. After this, he enrolled in the National School of Drama. He later moved to Mumbai in search of work. Even after going there, he never forgot Delhi. Be it Chandni Chowk’s Chaat or Mandi House’s tea, whenever he came to Delhi, he tried to visit Mandi House or Chandni Chowk. His neighbor Ajay Sharma said on Wednesday that his brother had suffered a heart attack. When I heard the news of his death shortly afterwards, I was deeply shocked. Brother will always be missed.

Mayur Vihar resident Ajay Sharma told that Bhai Saheb was born in Dhanoda village, Tehsil Kanina, located in Mahendragarh, Haryana. I was also born in this village. As an elder, I always called Satish my brother. Brother’s early studies were done in the village itself, later he came to Gurugram with his father. Stayed in Vikaspuri from Gurugram for some time to pursue higher education. He later switched to Karol Bagh. From Kirori Mal College, he often went to Chandni Chowk with friends to eat chaat. After enrolling in the National School of Drama after graduation, they met at the tea samosa shop in Mandi House. Bhai Sahib moved to Mumbai in 1978 in search of work, but his heart stayed here. Whenever he came to Delhi, he would call me and call me to Mandi House. He used to drink tea while in the car and later wouldn’t allow anyone to pay for the tea.

Used to write letters to the administration for the development of the village

Despite being so busy, Satish always found time for the village. He wrote letters to the administration for the development of the village. To promote the sport in the village, he had also built a stadium in his village with the help of the administration. Ajay said that Satish often played an active role in getting poor girls married. Bhai Sahib also had great attachment to Thakurji’s temple in the village. When he went to the village, he went to the temple for darshan.

Friendship strengthened by three disabled drama

“When Satish Kaushik, of short stature, came to study at Kirori Mal College, he wanted to do a play with us. He always told me to be in the play too, but we always laughed. Seeing him, no one could believe that he would reach the top of the film industry. This is from former MLA Surendra Pal Ratawal, a college friend of Satish Kaushik.

Ratawal recalled Kaushik at his home in Karol Bagh on Thursday after his death and said that Satish had come to the university when he was a student in the senior year of the university in 1972-73. From the first year itself he wanted to do drama. When we refused, he challenged.

Kaushik took part in the drama competition held at the college level and performed three plays for disabled people who took second place. That drama of his deepened our friendship and he joined us. This friendship became so deep that upon completion of college he became part of our theater company. Kaushik was always a visionary boy, always laughing and making others laugh. He was always attached to the family. Even as he progressed in the movie business, the friendship did not diminish. Always came home. He introduced friends involved in the film. I still remember When I got married in 1977, Kaushik stayed with me from day one. They were companions of happiness and sorrow. When I made progress in politics by joining the BJP, he supported me.

Former MLA resident of Kaushik’s friend Karol Bagh shared memories

Ratawal said that Kaushik also campaigned at one of my election rallies. BJP leader Vijay Dutt Sharma was also present. After becoming MLA from Karol Bagh in 1995, his attendance increased. He has a flat in Bengali Market. He was always there and we chatted for hours. They also wanted to make a movie with me. In this he gave me the role of MLA. However, for some reason, the movie couldn’t be made. He often called me to Mumbai to show me the shooting.

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