Reasonable question about native medicine

Reasonable question on indigenous medicine

Traditional medicine has been a part of every civilization. Until the existence of modern science came to the fore, people everywhere used indigenous medicines to treat themselves. It cannot be said that in the present era the importance of those drugs has ended or they are no longer needed. Nevertheless, it would be fair to leave it up to them whether or not people take such drugs. While modern medicine should be available to everyone. Three years ago, when the Corona epidemic broke out, such a treatment was also discussed in India and questions were also asked about it. With China fighting the epidemic, there is also a controversy over this issue. The experience is that when there is a shortage of medicines, governments, in the name of promoting traditional medicines, appeal to people to depend on them.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has promoted traditional Chinese medicine as part of a campaign against the coronavirus. The country’s health officials are now describing its “important role” in the fight against the coronavirus. While critics say it is pseudoscience and ineffective in treating real diseases. Claims about its effectiveness cannot be confirmed as little data is available. China is home to some of the oldest societies in the world that have practiced traditional healing practices ranging from the use of herbs and other natural products and massage to acupuncture and tailored diets. But modern medical experts view it with skepticism. Whether these treatments are effective is not known, he says, because they have not been researched or tested in laboratories. In fact, this possibility cannot be ruled out that instead of benefiting from those drugs, there may be some harm. So this lesson is for the whole world. Traditional medicine should be left to the discretion of the people, while health policy should be based on modern science.

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