Pushpotsav 2023 Centenary Years Of Blossoming Du: See The Flower Exhibition In Pictures, The Campus Smells Of Different Species

पुष्पोत्सव 2023 DU के खिलखिलाते सौ वर्ष

The 65th Annual Flower Show was hosted at the Gautam Buddha Centenary Garden of Delhi University. Different types of flowers such as marigold, rose, tulip, dahlia, etc. smoke nicely in the exhibition. In it, more than 100 species of trees, plants and flowers of various species were exhibited. Many colleges affiliated with the university participated. The theme of this exhibition was Pushpotsav 2023, DU’s thriving hundred years.

NDMC Vice President Satish Upadhyay was present as the main guest at the exhibition. He said that tulips should be imported to India from abroad, it is not easy to bring them. We are now working hard to preserve the tulip flowers that have come once to be used again next year.

Satish Upadhyay said that there are favorable prospects for them in Kashmir, if this happens, a tulip bulb that used to cost Rs 35-40 can be saved for just Rs 2. He said we can spread the message of devotion, selflessness and giving happiness to people only through flowers.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh, who presided over the ceremony, said there are huge career opportunities in the flower industry today. He said DU is now making further arrangements for flowers to be picked, at least for campus decoration. Decoration should be done with jars so that they can be safely stored. This will not damage the flowers in the plants.

The Centenary Cup was awarded to Miranda House College for their best performance in this exhibition. Proctor Rajni Abbi, Garden Committee Secretary Rupam Kapoor, Centenary Committee Coordinator Prof Neera Agnimitra, Dean of Colleges Prof Balram Pani and Registrar Dr Vikas Gupta and other officials attended the occasion.

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