Pawan Khera: BJP said- Action against Pawan Khera, Congress demonstration at airport is illegal according to law

Pawan Khera Arrest

Pawan Khera Arrest
Photo: ANNI


The BJP has described the action taken against Congress leader Pawan Kheda as per the rules. The party has said that Kheda has made derogatory comments about Prime Minister Modi’s family and that the measures being taken against him are not wrong. After Khera was first taken off the plane and later arrested, the Congress protest at Delhi airport was labeled a violation of rules and endangering the lives of passengers.

In response to the action against the Congress leader, BJP leader Gaurav Bhatia said that Pawan Khera had made derogatory remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s father. The measures taken against them are carried out in accordance with the law. He said it should not be used as a “victim card” by congressional leaders. He said no one is above the laws of the land. Anyone who does something wrong must be prepared for the operation of the law.

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