Opposition joins Bharat Jodo Yatra!

Opposition will join Bharat Jodo Yatra!

Before the Bharat Jodo Yatra entered Uttar Pradesh, the question arose whether this effort by Rahul Gandhi would succeed in bringing the opposition parties together. This question was given extra impetus by a comment by Akhilesh Yadav, chairman of the Samajwadi party, in which he refused to participate in the yatra and told Congress and BJP to be the same party. However, when he later sent a reply to the invitation to join the yatra, he offered his best wishes for the yatra. Mayawati also gave such wishes. Nevertheless, it remains a question in the discussion of the media persons involved in the electoral comparisons whether this yatra will improve the prospects of the Congress or the total opposition in the next elections. With regard to this question, it can almost be said with confidence that it will not happen. And Rahul Gandhi is certainly under no illusions about it.
In his December 31 press conference, he again bluntly said that it is no longer possible to defeat the BJP-RSS through tactical-political efforts. So what is the Bharat Jodo Yatra for? Looking at his experience over the past four months, it is clear that it has broken the deadlock in Indian politics. This has given an opportunity to those who are dissatisfied and disagree with the current situation, who felt suffocated. The involvement of RAW chief AS Dulat on the eve of the entrance of the yatra in Uttar Pradesh shows that these kinds of people are looking for a door through which they can come out of their inner circle and get back the India of their imagination. The letter from Mahant Satyendra Das, the priest of Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, to Rahul Gandhi also indicates a similar sentiment. In this form, Bharat Jodo Yatra has begun to connect the voices of the opposition. But it’s a long way. If it turns out that the yatra can continue, it can be expected that the opposition will also join.

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