Nikki Murder: murder under conspiracy, not passion


Nikki Murder: Murder under conspiracy, not passion

Delhi police investigation revealed a conspiracy to burn the dead body by taking it away after marriage

Purushottam Verma

New Delhi. Sahil Gehlot did not kill Nikki Yadav in a fit of rage, but after careful consideration. Because of this, he started taking Nikki to many places in Delhi. This has been revealed by the investigation of Crime Branch of Delhi Police. During the interrogation, Sahil said that he took Nikki’s dead body to a remote area and burned it so that the police would not get any evidence. Special Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Ravindra Singh Yadav confirmed this and said that preliminary investigation has revealed facts that the accused had murdered Nikki as part of a conspiracy.

Another officer from the crime division said that when Sahil went to Nikki’s home in Uttam Nagar, he switched off his mobile. The purpose of turning off the mobile was that the location should not be known. The police have recovered CCTV footage of Nikki’s home and surroundings. This shows that the suspect leaves Nikki’s house at 6 AM. He then took Nikki to Nizamuddin, Anand Vihar and ISBT, Kashmere Gate. Here he strangled Nikki with a data cable. Sahil revealed during interrogation that he was confused to dispose of Nikki’s body. He was in the process of taking the dead body to a remote place and burning it with gasoline, many guests had come to his house because of the marriage. This prevented him from leaving the house. Whenever he thought of leaving the house, one or the other caught him. In such a situation, he was worried about getting rid of Nikki’s body.

It would have been difficult if I had thrown away the dead body

Delhi Police officials say that had the accused disposed of Nikki’s body, it would have been difficult for police to collect evidence. The police got the information in time and the suspect was arrested near his house.

black covers were fitted to the car

According to police officials, the car belongs to Sahil’s uncle’s son. There is a black film on the windows of the car. After killing Nikki, Sahil let the body sit in the driver’s seat in a sitting position and fastened the seat belt. Subsequently, the suspect had applied self-adhesive black colored covers from the car so that no one could see anything in the car. After this, he took Nikki’s body to Mitrau village, 40 km away.

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