Nikki Murder: Conspiracy hatched in Paschim Vihar to hide Nikki’s body, near this famous hotel

Nikki Yadav Murder Case

Nikki Yadav murder case
– Photo: Amar Ujala

Another revelation has come in the Nikki Yadav murder case. After the murder, when calls came in on Nikki’s cell phone, Sahil opened his cell phone. After this, Sahil, friends Amar and Lokesh and brothers Ashish and Naveen met near the Radisson Hotel in Paschim Vihar. At that time, Nikki’s body was kept in the car. Here, in a conversation of more than 20 minutes, it was decided that the dead body should be kept in the fridge of the dhaba and buried after the marriage.

A senior police officer from the crime department said Sahil had a turmeric ceremony on the morning of February 10. Father Virendra Gehlot sent Amar, Lokesh, Ashish and Naveen separately to find him. Sahil’s phone kept ringing. When nothing was known about Sahil until ten o’clock in the morning, these people called Nikki’s mobile. Sahil reveals that he killed Nikki. Sahil called all four to meet him near the Radisson Hotel in Paschim Vihar. After this, Sahil turned on the mobile.

The accused reached Paschimi Vihar in Ashish’s Nexa car. Here it was decided that the dead body should be kept in the refrigerator in the dhaba so that it does not spoil. At the same time, the suspect felt that the police might not catch Sahil on the way. In such a situation, they escorted Sahil’s car and took him away. Later, they continued to monitor and control the police picket.

Seeing the police picket he made Sahil change the road. After going home, all four told Virendra about Nikki’s murder.

Mobile was off under conspiracy

It has been revealed in the crime department’s investigation that as part of the conspiracy, Sahil turned off his cellphone when he left Nikki’s home in Uttam Nagar so that the police could not find his location. Police have images of parking lots of Anand Vihar, ISBT Kashmiri Gate and Nigam Bodh Ghat. In addition, the police also have the location of Sahil’s mobile in Nigam Bodh.

Sahil’s family asked Nikki to get rid of him

As the investigation into the Nikki murder case progresses, new facts emerge every day. The police came to know during the investigation that Sahil’s family came to know about Sahil and Nikki’s marriage at Arya Samaj Temple just a few days later. The family flatly refused to accept Nikki. The relatives said they would not accept the daughter-in-law from outside the dispute. Sahil had also tried several times to convince the family, but the family had asked Nikki to get rid of him.

During the police interrogation, Sahil said that Nikki always took good care of him. Once she had a fever, Nikki served up all night. Nikki often helped him take care of little things. At the same time, Nikki’s family was not aware of this relationship. Nikki’s sister also just knew that Sahil is a good friend. He used to come to Uttam Nagar’s flat to meet Nikki in front of his sister. Sahil says he wanted to be with Nikki but the family pressured him for a second marriage. When both of them had an argument in the parking lot of Nigam Bodh Ghat about marriage, Sahil killed him.

Sahil’s family accused the police

Sahil’s family has alleged that even after cooperating with the investigation, the police forcefully arrested his father, brothers and friends, when they had fully cooperated in getting Sahil arrested. Police officials say no one has been arrested without evidence.

A few more suspects in the police investigation

A police officer who led the investigation said all six arrested suspects are being questioned in person. Whose role in the murder case is also established. After the CDR investigation into the suspect’s mobile phone, the police still suspect a few people, they will also be called and interrogated shortly.

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