Nikki Murder Case: Nikki’s life could have been saved if Sahil hadn’t ignored these things

निक्की यादव व साहिल गहलोत

Another sensational case like the Shraddha murder case in Delhi has emerged. This time Sahil Gehlot from Delhi killed his girlfriend. After this, by locking his corpse in the freezer, he himself married another girl. The police have now arrested the suspect.

There have been many shocking revelations in this case so far. This is not the first case where the end of love relationships becomes so painful. Many such cases have emerged when lovers or girlfriends have become thirsty for each other’s blood. In such a situation, we talked about this with psychologist Dr. Hema Khanna. He understood the whole matter and told where Nikki went wrong, for which she had to take the brunt of losing her life. Dr. Khanna also shared that what should never be ignored in the relationship…

Know the whole thing first

This is the story of Nikki Yadav and Sahil Gehlot. Both met in 2018 in a coaching center and then became friends while traveling on the same bus. This friendship gradually turned into love that remained resident. After living live-in for two years, when it came to getting married, Sahil made his move. When the boy was getting married elsewhere with the family’s consent, the girl began to put pressure on him. On the day of the boy’s engagement, he went to his girlfriend and after several hours of arguing, the lover strangled her with a charging cable.

What happened on the day of the incident?

According to media reports, on the night of February 9, when Nikki learned that Sahil was engaged, she started calling him. After this, both met at one o’clock in the morning. Both wanted to run away to Goa. When Sahil failed to get the ticket to Goa, both of them planned to go to Uttarakhand or Himachal for which they first reached Anand Vihar and then Kashmere Gate ISBT. Meanwhile, calls came in from relatives of Sahil. The relatives started pressuring Sahil to come home immediately. When Sahil started going home, Nikki started arguing with him. The argument escalated to such an extent that Sahil lost his temper and strangled Nikki with a cable.

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