Nagaland Election 2023: AAP to Contest Nagaland Assembly Elections, Candidates to Be Announced Soon

Nagaland Election 2023: Arvind kejriwal

Election Nagaland 2023: Arvind Kejriwal
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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has now decided to participate in the Nagaland Assembly elections after a landslide victory in Delhi and Punjab. AAP’s Northeast deputy Rajesh Sharma has said that the party has decided to participate in the elections. In a special talk with Amar Ujala, Rajesh Sharma said that the party will announce the candidates soon. However, he did not say how many seats the Aam Aadmi party will get. Former MLA Asu Kiho has been appointed as the party’s state chairman.

Sharma claimed that the ruling BJP and Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) have proven to be a failure in the development of the state. Corruption is everywhere. There is no sign of employment anywhere. The roads are in bad condition. There are no good schools and no better medical facilities. The party is hopeful that under Kiho’s leadership, AAP will rise in Nagaland and take root in the coming years, which will be a game changer in the politics of the state, he said.

The party was founded with the aim of fighting corruption, which is also a major problem in Nagaland, Sharma said. He claimed that corruption is also entrenched in Nagaland and has crippled the development of health care, road infrastructure and other development activities.

The party’s state chairman Kiho said that AAP is the only political party that can do a good job for the people by providing corruption-free governance. Delhi and Punjab are examples of this. Arvind Kejriwal’s leading party will also do a better job in Nagaland.

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