Mission Gaganyaan: AIIMS will tell on the basis of a study how the brain will work in space

गगनयान मिशन file pic

Gaganyaan mission file pic


Ahead of the launch of India’s Gaganyaan space mission, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi is studying the brain activity of astronauts. The aim is to find out what the effect is on the reaction of the human brain after wearing a spacesuit. If we are to believe experts, this research will prove very useful for the passengers of Mission Gaganyaan. This will help them plan space travel. The concrete results are expected to be published within six months.

signals reaching the brain are affected by wearing a space suit

Actually, the AIIMS Department of Physiology monitors the physical activity of the person wearing a spacesuit in the lab. After wearing a space suit, the air pressure is increased in it, so that the body parts also work on the basis of space. This involves seeing in the lab what kind of movement or phenomenon occurs in the body parts of the person after wearing the suit. How long does it take for information from other parts of the body to reach the brain and how long does it take for the brain to respond. Through this research, the traveler’s ability to think and understand in space will be studied. It will be seen whether this capacity will decrease or increase, which will be beneficial for any kind of improvement in the future.

people will be sent to space

The country is working on the Gaganyaan Plan to take humans into space. Regarding the plan, Union Minister Jitendra Singh had said in the past that astronauts would be sent on the third launch. He had said that the launch of Gaganyaan would be an excellent symbol of self-reliance. This will boost the confidence of the country. This in itself will be a historic initiative, as our journey into space began much later than America and Russia. But today our country’s research is at the level of America and Russia.

brain gives signal for every action

The brain sends signals before any action takes place in the body. According to the department’s senior doctors, before there is any movement in any part of the body, it sends a signal to the brain to take action. This is called the Movement Related Potential (MRPA). Whereas, when the brain responds, it is called electromyography (EMG). In a normal person, the speed at which information reaches the brain from the body part and the response back from the brain is one thousand to one and a half thousand milliseconds (thousandths of a second). The signals are also strong. Decreasing this speed or weakening of the signal affects the brain’s ability to think and understand. Doctors say that the human body works differently in Earth’s gravity. While space has a different effect.

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