Mcd Mayor Polls: Election of mayor and deputy mayor to take place on January 24, LG approves proposal from Department of Urban Development

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The election of mayor and deputy mayor will take place on January 24. Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena has given his approval to the MCD. The MCD had asked LG to hold the House meeting on January 30, while the Delhi Urban Development Department had suggested holding the House meeting on January 24. LG has approved the Delhi Urban Development Department’s suggestion. Earlier, due to turmoil in the MCD meeting on January 6, the election of the mayor could not take place. Since then there has been constant doubt about the election of mayor and deputy mayor.

On January 12, the Delhi government had sent a proposal to the LG to hold mayoral elections on four dates, January 18, 20, 21 and 24. In this proposal, the Delhi government had told the LG that the MCD has been operating without a mayor for the past eight months. The continued delay in the election of the mayor is not correct. The LG agreed with this suggestion from the Delhi government.

MCD Secretary Bhagwan Singh said he was notified by the LG office of the new date for holding the house meeting on Monday afternoon. He said the MCD is all set to take the oath of company members and lead the election of mayor-deputy mayor. The House meets on the 24th at the Aruna Asaf Ali Auditorium on the fourth floor in A Block of the Civic Center.

All members will be taken a new oath

In the House meeting on January 6, Presiding Officer Satya Sharma summoned the LG-nominated councilors for the first swearing-in. As soon as the four nominated councilors Sunit Chauhan, Laxman Arya, Mukesh Mann and Vinod Sherawat reached the podium to take the oath, the elected councilors of the Aam Aadmi party started to protest strongly. These nominated councilors repeated the oath taken by the presiding officer, but were unable to sign the register. As they protested, your councilors walked straight to the presiding officer’s chair and uprooted his microphone. BJP corporators also joined the uproar against AAP corporators. Senior company officials involved in the mayoral election said the oath of the four nominated councilors has been postponed because it is incomplete. Now all these nominated councilors will also take the oath again, like the councilors who came after winning the elections.

It is for the presiding officer to preside over the election of mayor-deputy mayor

The MCD has been given the date of January 24 to hold the parliamentary meeting on behalf of the Cabinet of the Lieutenant Governor. Now all responsibility for the peaceful election of mayor and deputy mayor rests on the shoulders of the chairman. At this time, everyone’s eyes are on the presiding officer that Satya Sharma or any other presiding officer will lead the election of mayor and deputy mayor. Senior MCD officials say it’s up to the LG to decide.

Presiding Officer appointed by LG VK Saxena

Satya Sharma was nominated by LG VK Saxena to chair the meeting of the House for the January 6 date and lead the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. On that day, he had taken the constitutional oath to fulfill the responsibility of the presiding officer. According to parliamentary practice, Satya Sharma’s responsibility for leading the mayoral election is not yet complete, so it is likely that she will take over the presiding officer’s responsibility in the House meeting to be held on January 24. of the company have made it clear that it is entirely up to the LG to decide whether the presiding officer will be changed in the next house meeting or whether Satya Sharma will take over this responsibility.

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