Mcd Mayor Poll: Potential shake-up in house meeting, know why?, over 200 guards deployed

सदन में चल रही नारेबाजी (फाइल फोटो)

noise in the house
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Similar to the January 6 meeting, there is a possibility of clash and riot between Aam Aadmi Party and BJP in Tuesday’s MCD House meeting. In fact, the presiding officer Satya Sharma will start the house where it was adjourned instead of starting over. This will again cause a stir for AAP members as they demand that they take the oath sooner to the elected councillors, while the presiding officer started taking the oath to the nominated councilors on January 6.

MCD officials have said they will begin another swearing-in. According to sources, once she holds the meeting, the presiding officer Satya Sharma will first order the signatures in the Golden Book of the four nominated councilors who took oath during the clamor on January 6. These nominated councilors could not sign the Golden Book. With confirmation of the swearing-in of these four nominated council members, the activities of the House have been approved.

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