Mayor of Delhi: The ruling party may have to bear the brunt of the delay in the mayoral elections

Delhi Mayor Election- AAP Candidate Shelly Oberoi and BJP Candidate Rekha Gupta file pic

Delhi mayor election – AAP candidate Shelly Oberoi and BJP candidate Rekha Gupta file pic
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The ruling party will bear the brunt of the delay in the election of MCD’s mayor as it cannot make provisions for fulfilling its election promises in MCD’s next financial year’s budget. In this case, the ruling party will have to wait a year.

In fact, according to MCD rules, its budget should be before the House on January 25, but given the ongoing confrontation between the ruling party and the opposition and the January 6 commotion over the taking of the oath to the nominated councilors in the MCD , the mayor has to wait until January 25. The chance of being chosen is very small.

According to MCD rules, the budget proposal for the new financial year must be submitted by the Commissioner to the Standing Committee by 8 December at the latest. Because the standing committee and the House of Representatives are not constituted this year, the Commissioner presented the budget proposals to the special officer on December 8. In addition, the special officer had said that the result came along with the MCD elections.

As a result, the House will decide on the budget proposals, but the House has not yet been formed due to the failure to elect the mayor. While according to MCD’s rules, the budget proposals must be in the House by January 25 at the latest. Only then, after discussion of the budget proposals in the House, are they adopted and rejected.

It is necessary to approve the budget before February 14

MCD officials say if the mayor is elected on Jan. 20, he can get the budget approved in the House. They have to complete many formalities to get the budget into the house and the time has been set for them, but there is no possibility of electing the mayor until January 20. For that reason, he has started preparations to pass on the budget for the coming financial year of the special officer. He has started finalizing the budget proposals. Under all circumstances, it is necessary to approve MCD’s budget before February 14.

On the other hand, if the mayor is not elected, the ruling party will be in trouble if the budget proposal is approved by the special officer because it cannot fulfill the election promise to abolish and reduce various taxes and fees . . Such proposals do not actually reach the budget and have to wait a year before they can fulfill their promises. Apart from this, according to the ruling party’s promises, no money will be budgeted for various development works and schemes to solve the problems. Therefore, the ruling party will have to work with the officers’ plans in the coming financial year in terms of doing development work and solving the problems.

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