Manish Sisodia said: LG should not demolish religious sites for the Center’s projects, people’s faith will be hurt

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Manic Sisodia
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Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has appealed to the Lieutenant Governor not to demolish the temples, shrines and gurudwaras related to people’s faith for various housing projects and other development works of the central government. This will damage the faith of thousands of people and create a law and order problem in the capital. The Delhi Police discusses this in its report.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said anything is possible in modern architectural engineering in the 21st century. When we are so sensitive to trees that when we build a house or any structure, we work to save trees by changing the design. Likewise, to save these temples, tombs and gurudwaras associated with the religious sentiments of millions of people, the design of these projects must also be changed.

He said that the lieutenant governor accused him through a press release a few days ago of sitting with the files for the demolition of many temples, tombs, gurudwaras. He said he had received 19 files in which 67 temples, six mazars and one gurudwara have been marked for demolition. These religious sites are slated to be demolished and the central government plans to build several viaducts, including housing.

Sisodia said he has studied each structure in detail and assessed its impact, as they are all related to the religious feelings of the people. Also read the police report about them. It is written in it that the faith of thousands of people is connected with these temples, shrines and gurudwaras. Thousands of people come here every day.

LG lashed out at Sisodia, saying the statement is false and misleading

The lieutenant governor lashed out at Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia’s statement on the transfer of secretaries from the Department of Public Works (PWD). Described Sisodia’s statement two days ago as a false and misleading statement, it has also been said that there is a lack of basic information. Sources in the LG office say such statements were made to divert people’s attention from Sisodia’s failure. The roads of Rijkswaterstaat under the Aam Aadmi Party are in a terrible state, so many projects are not yet finished.

In a statement issued to the media two days ago, Sisodia had said that the LG of Delhi changes PWD secretary every six months. LG only took charge nine months ago and such a statement shows a lack of knowledge on the ground floor. Citing constitutional provisions and Supreme Court decisions, sources in the LG office said Sisodia has issued yet another statement that has become the hallmark of the Chief Minister and AAP ministers. Court orders and constitutional provisions have also been ignored by making false and fictitious statements to the LG. This ruling was made with the aim of exerting influence on the ongoing case at the Supreme Court.

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