Major accident avoided in Delhi: Bmw car overturned as soon as tire burst on deserted road, airbag saved life – Bmw car overturned as soon as tire burst in Daryaganj

BMW car overturned as soon as tire burst in Daryaganj

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– Photo: Amar Ujala


A BMW car overturned uncontrollably at midnight on Sunday in the Daryaganj district of central Delhi. The car did several stunts in a row. Fortunately, no other vehicle was near the car at the time of the accident. The driver’s life was also saved by the opening of the airbag in the car. Passersby pulled him out of the car. Later, as soon as the news broke, the police arrived on the scene.

After an investigation, the police removed the car from the road with the help of a crane and took it into custody. After preliminary investigation, the police found out that the accident happened due to a burst tire. Since the speed of the car was very high, the car flipped over as soon as the tire burst. Sanjay Kumar Sen, deputy police commissioner of the Central District, said his team received information around 1:20 am on Sunday that a car had overturned behind the Ring Road Rajghat depot. As soon as the information was received, apart from PCR, the police personnel from Daryaganj Police Station arrived there. Before the police arrived on the scene, passers-by pulled the driver out of the car.

During the interrogation, car driver Ashutosh Goyal said that he lives with his family in the Greater Kailash area. On Sunday he had gone to Tagore Garden to drop off his friend. When he returned home from there, his car’s tire burst. The speed of the car was high. So the car overturned. The car continued to scour for a long distance. The car later came to a stop after hitting a utility pole. Passengers stopped their vehicles after the accident and took Ashutosh out. He was very scared after the accident. Although he only had minor scratches.

Sources say he was not injured by the opening of the car’s airbag. At the same time, it was also a matter of pride that there was no two-wheeler or car near Ashutosh’s car at the time of the accident. If this had happened, the accident could have been bigger. Police are investigating the matter using CCTV cameras installed nearby. Ashutosh’s statement has been recorded.

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