Kedar: The pain of the migration of the youth of Uttarakhand was brought to life in the movie Kedar


– Photo: Amar Ujala


The youth of Uttarakhand, who dreamed of becoming a boxer after his education, did not know that the circumstances would force him to endure the pain of migration. Depressed over the loss of his father as he was not given proper treatment in Uttarakhand, Kedar turned to Delhi.

Due to his outstanding achievements in boxing, he worked hard to achieve his dream of building a hospital in memory of his father. Despite striving for graduation, the youth from Uttarakhand worked as a security guard for a few days. Troubled by the situation, the story of the youth of Uttarakhand who migrated in search of work was brought to life in the feature film ‘Kedar’. The premiere of this Hindi feature film based on the background of Uttarakhand, made under the banner of Hillsavan Studios and Desi Engine Production, was held at the Films Division Auditorium on Monday.

Trade Union Minister of Tourism Ajay Bhatt and Preeta Katyal, founder of Divine Manifestations, attended the occasion as chief guests. The story begins with the flight of Kedar’s dreams. After spending his childhood in the mountains, he reached Delhi to become a boxer. During this, many challenges were faced in life. Still not lost heart.

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