Kanjhawala case: Inquiries on Delhi Police report submitted to Ministry of Home Affairs, mentioning many deficiencies of the department

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Questions are raised about the report submitted by the Delhi Police to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the Kanjhawala incident. It is said that the committee preparing the report recorded the statements of only the agent to the Sub-Inspector (SI). The commission did not include the statements of senior officers of the rank of inspector and above. How is the responsibility of the chief police officer established in such a situation?

Only senior officers of the Delhi Police are questioning this report. Based on the report, Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, on behalf of the Home Ministry, has tried to cover up the matter by taking action against 11 low-ranking police officers. The report was prepared by a committee headed by two DCPs under the supervision of the Special Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police, Shalini Singh, on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The report has revealed many flaws in the Delhi Police. The report says it would review the Delhi Police PCR system.

According to sources from the Ministry of the Interior, the report says that there is no coordination between the district police and the police station. Most importantly, when receiving a PCR call, the PCR from the police station does not go to the area of ​​the neighboring police station. PCR from a police station does not participate in the call from another police station. The same was seen in the Kanjhawala incident. Two PCRs deployed on the 13 km route refused to attend the call. The police officers who placed PCR van in this van cited that the area does not belong to their police station.

PCR systems also raise questions in such a situation. Former Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana dismantled the PCR unit and handed over the PCR van in the police station. After this, upon receiving the call, an argument ensued over whose area it is. In the old system, upon receiving a call, the PCR would immediately handle the call. This report calls for a review of the PCR system.

The report also said that PCR is less common in the suburbs. Their number must be increased. There has been a request to increase the new PCR in the suburb. The report recommended raising CCTV cameras across Delhi. Apart from this, the need has been told to increase the social awareness among the people. There is absolutely no social consciousness among the people. Delhi Police has suspended 11 police officers with immediate effect following the Home Ministry’s order over the report.

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