Kanjhawala Case: Anjali’s mobile will open the secrets related to death, phone not found even after 200 hours, these questions are incomplete – Kanjhawala Case Police looking for deceased Anjali S Mobile

कंझावला कांड

In the Kanjhawala case, many important secrets related to death can be hidden in the cellphone of the deceased Anjali. Anjali’s mobile was switched off at 10 pm that same evening after she left home for the event on 31 December. Many questions remain unresolved as the cell phone has not been recovered even after nearly 200 hours after the incident. It is speculated that much important information related to Anjali’s death can be found in the record of about 4-5 hours after the night of the incident. This will probably make it easier to solve the mystery of death.

The mobile recovery may help clear up many key clues related to this incident, including call records, audio videos, and chats about the cause of death. Anjali’s maternal uncle, Prem Singh, said his niece’s mobile phone has not yet been found.

There was no trace of Anjali since her cell phone was switched off after 10 p.m. Who did Anjali talk to even before the mobile was turned off? Along with who he chatted with on WhatsApp, a lot of important information can also be found, including photo audio and video.

Anjali had a conversation with her relatives after nine o’clock that night. After this, the mobile is still off from about 10 am. Mobile is missing for more than the last 200 hours. Where did the cell phone end up after the scooty collision and why couldn’t it be recovered?

Police are looking for evidence related to this incident. For this, evidence collected within a radius of 13 kilometers is added. Anjali’s maternal uncle said that Anjali bought an Android phone a few months ago.

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