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Judiciary Vs Modi Government

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijuju’s letter to the Supreme Court for the participation of the government representative in the collegium would be seen as a direct attack on the independence of the judiciary. This is not about the decency of the collegium. There is fair and just criticism of the collegiate system of appointing judges to the higher judiciary. This system must be reconsidered in a democratic environment and in a democratic process, without denying that it can be said that not only is the method chosen by the Center objectionable, but also the separation of powers in the democratic system. The principle of This step was taken at a time when there is a general perception in society that the mainstream media is completely controlled by the ruling party and that institutions such as the Election Commission have come under its influence. The biased attitude of institutions such as the Human Rights and Women’s Commission has also come to the fore on several occasions.
Agencies like CBI and ED are directly owned by the government, which has been accused of working according to the political interests of the ruling party. Judiciary does not do this, even today no one says this with confidence. However, all these things are present in the society in the form of perception or an opinion. While the government writes a letter to the Supreme Court claiming that representation in the collegium is a concrete action. The question is, as long as the 1990s Supreme Court rulings are in effect, under what law or constitutional provision can the government make such a claim? The extent to which the judiciary should remain independent or autonomous in the appointment of judges is a serious question, one that can be resolved by building national consensus in an environment of public trust. While the government has taken steps for her without doing that. There is therefore sufficient reason to be suspicious of it and to regard it as a violation of the independence of the judiciary. Therefore, part of society will consider this step as a danger bell for democracy.

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