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Is this an effective solution?

The Government of India is again executing the plan to arm thousands of Kashmir villagers. Once upon a time, these people were armed and charged with the responsibility of protecting their respective territories. Then this remedy turned out to be ineffective. Now this step is being taken after the recent murder of seven civilians in the valley. Earlier this month, seven civilians were killed in the Valley. It was then reported that the authorities have decided to rebuild a security network of ordinary people. On this basis, approximately 26 thousand villagers who had become inactive in recent years have had Village Defense Guards (VDG) reactivated. This time, many people are also getting automatic rifles. How effective this plan will be will be known later. But the move to hand over weapons to locals in the border districts contradicts the government’s claim that the situation is normal in the area. This situation is three and a half years after the repeal of Article 370 regarding Kashmir.
Significantly, the militants attacked in Rajouri of Jammu and Kashmir on 1 January. The incident killed four people from the Hindu community and injured seven. Shots were fired at three different houses. Hindu families living in the valley have been attacked repeatedly in the past year. In December, Home Minister Nityanand Rai told the Rajya Sabha that nine Kashmiri Pandits had died in the three years between 2020 and 2022. The dead included several Kashmiri Pandits who were among the 56 workers working in the valley under the development package of the Prime Minister. Under the Prime Minister’s development package, these 56 Kashmiri Pandits were resettled in the valley and given employment there. It is part of the Indian government’s effort to bring back Kashmiri Pandit families who fled the state in the 1990s for fear of terrorism. That fear persists to this day. Will the newest remedy get rid of it?

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