Horrific incident in Delhi: Two real brothers were run over by dogs in Delhi

कुत्तों ने दो सगे भाइयों को नोच-नोचकर मार डाला

Dogs killed two brothers
– Photo: Amar Ujala


A chilling incident has come to light in the Vasant Kunj district of South Delhi. Here, five to six stray dogs have bitten two real brothers to death. The older brother was mauled two days ago, while the younger brother was mauled by dogs on Sunday.

The age of the elder brother is 7 years old and that of the younger brother is 5 years old. Both were the youngest of three brothers. The police kept the dead bodies in the hospital for the autopsy. Although the post-mortem of the older brother’s body has been done. The doctor who performed the autopsy said that many dog ​​bite marks were found on the child’s body. Many parts of the body were nearly severed.

According to South West District Police officials, Sushma lives with her eldest son, 9 years old, Anand, 7, and Aditya, 5, in Sindhi Camp, Vasant Kunj area. It is said that Sushma’s husband lives in Allahabad, UP. Anand left for his aunt’s house at ten o’clock in the morning on Friday. He has not reached Tai’s house. At 3 PM, Tai reached Sushma and told that Anand had not reached her, after which the police were informed.

At 5 pm, Anand’s dead body was found in a bloody condition in a plot. There were traces of dancing dogs on Anand’s body. According to the police, there is no witness in this case. The police did the autopsy on Anand’s body. The doctors who performed the post-mortem have said that more than 20 dog bite marks were found on Anand’s body. The police handed over Anand’s body to the relatives.

The family had not even emerged from this sadness that another mountain of sadness erupted on the family on Sunday. The youngest brother, Anand, had been to the toilet in the morning with his cousin, who lives in Sindhi camp. Then five to six dogs attacked him. Hearing Aditya’s voice, his cousin and ASI from the police reached the spot and somehow chased away the dogs and got Aditya admitted to the Spinal Injury Hospital where the doctors declared him to be dead.

The police sent the body for an autopsy. Police officers say that the witness of this incident is Aditya’s cousin who is 24 years old. Vasant Kunj police station is investigating both cases. Police officials say there are also many dog ​​scratch marks on this child’s body.

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