Aries: (chu, che, cho, la, li, lu, le, lo, a)
Today will be your best day. There are chances that you will make a profit in business. If you ignore your household responsibilities, some people who live with you may become angry. Today is a very favorable day for you financially. Sharing your happiness with others will also improve your health. There will be time for rest and there will be health benefits.
Taurus: (e, oo, a, o, wa, v, vu, ve, wo)
It’s going to be a mixed time. The economic improvement makes it easy for you to clear long-term accounts and loans. Hold your speech today. Don’t start a new job today and keep in mind that anger and passion don’t increase. Do not spend too much time and money on entertainment.
Gemini: (ka, ki, ku, gh, ng, ch, k, ko, ha)
The mind will remain in a happy mood. Important topics are discussed in the family. Mother’s health will be good. Will be entitled to wealth, property and respect. Don’t invest in haste. Some fatigue will be experienced due to the daily workload, but health will be good. Today your biggest dream can come true.
Cancer: (hee, hu, hey, ho, da, dee, doo, dee, doe)
There is a possibility of hindrance in business. Despite mental pressure, your health will be good. Today is your day from the perspective of work. Take full advantage of it. You can make money if you invest your savings in the traditional way.
Singh: (ma, me, moo, me, mo, ta, t, to, te)
Today you will experience many setbacks physically and mentally. There will be communication of enthusiasm in the mind, as a result of which the whole day will be spent happily. Today, senior officials will be happy. Might go out. There will be government benefit. You can also make an important plan today.
Virgo: (to, pa, p, poo, sh, n, th, pe, po)
Today will be a very good day for you. Be careful when trading. Legal problems are solved. Gets freedom from every worry. You receive favorable news from wife and son. It will be nice to meet friends. Can meet a soul mate. There will be help from relatives.
Tula: (ra, re, ru, re, ro, ta, ti, tu, te)
Today, disagreements will arise with relatives and loved ones, as a result of which there will be an atmosphere of opposition in the house. Today’s tasks may remain incomplete. For some reason, expenses will also be higher. If you gobble up old things, you won’t get good results. Your work will be appreciated.
Scorpio: (so, na, ni, nu, ne, nay, ya, yi, you)
Business is going well today. Peace and happiness will increase through the end of the dispute. By having a charitable character, you can help others. The curiosity of the work will increase. There will be prosperity and family progress. There may be conflicts and estrangement in the family. Today you will try to give your partner special happiness.
Sagittarius: (ye, yo, bha, bhi, bhu, dha, fa, dha, bhe)
Today you can get good news. There are opportunities for financial gain. Today your family atmosphere will be full of joy and happiness. There will be communication of consciousness and energy in the body. You will be happy to receive gifts and presents from them. There are opportunities for travel and tourism.
Capricorn: (Bho, Ja, Ji, Khi, Khu, Kha, Kho, Ga, Gi)
Today, success can be achieved by abandoning laziness and completing the tasks on time. Family life will be pleasant. Spend wisely. The mind remains unsettled by work and business impediments. Today will be a good day for you. Gets the support of colleagues in the office.
Aquarius: (goo, ge, go, sa, si, soo, se, so, da)
Today is very favorable for you. Your day will be full of joy and happiness and your physical and mental health will be good too. Today’s tasks may remain incomplete. For some reason, expenses will also be higher. There will be success in every work done today. The atmosphere in the house will be cheerful.
Pisces: (di, du, th, z, n, de, do, cha, chi)
Today is a golden opportunity to visit a religious place. Will be engaged in creative work. Be alert to the enemy. Will try to finish the job by being dedicated. Your conduct will be fair today. Married women today can also benefit from the maternal home and receive good news.

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