Hoax call case: At the instigation of one student, the other also made a bomb call, aiming to get revenge on the vice principal

Hoax Call Case: On the instigation of one student, the other also made a bomb call


The information about the bomb placed in DPS Public School, located at Mathura Road in Nizamuddin, was given via email by a class 12 student of the same school. The student wanted revenge on the deputy principal of the school. The police had released this student because he was a minor. The accused student began to brag about this. It was at this instigation that a student of Amrita Public School, Saket, had also inquired about the presence of bombs in his school.

After this, the police arrested both students and took them to the Juvenile Court. Both students are taking coaching in a coaching center in Amar Colony. According to the police, the accused student has been reprimanded several times by the school’s deputy principal. He did this to avenge this. After this, a class 12 student studying at Amrit Public School told him that his papers were spoiled and he was afraid his grades would drop. At this, the accused student of DPS School urged him and boasted that no action had been taken against him, while the student of Amrit Public School also inquired about the bomb in his school. At this point, the JJ board has sent both students home.

Russia and Germany are not cooperating

In DPS and Amrita Public School, the accused students had informed about the bomb placement via G-mail. For this reason, both suspects were quickly caught. On the other hand, information was given by mail from Russia and Germany about the presence of a bomb in Sadiq Nagar Indian Public School. Rambler.eu was used for this. Delhi Police officials say both countries are not cooperating, which is why the suspect in this case could not be caught.

Information came in these days about school bombings.

  • May 16, 23- Amrita Public School, Saket
  • Apr 26, 23- DPS School at Mathura Road
  • Apr 12, 23- Indian Public School, Sadiq Nagar
  • November 28, 22 – Indian public school in Sadiq Nagar

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