Hansraj College: Students will protest the ban on non-vegetarian food in Hansraj College

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Hansrad College
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The issue of discontinuing non-vegetarian food in Hansraj College hostel of Delhi University has caught fire. In protest against this decision by the college, the student organization Student Federation of India (SFI) decided to protest on January 20. SFI’s Hansraj College unit said in a statement that a protest is taking place on the college campus against the ban on non-vegetarian foods. Now demonstrations will be held outside Hansraj hostel.

According to students, when the college reopened in February 2022 after the Corona pandemic, the college had stopped serving non-vegetarian food in the cafeteria and hostel. The SFI says there have been cases where the university administration has even confiscated eggs from students who brought them to the hostel.

The organization also conducted a survey within the college, which found that about 75 percent of students were non-vegetarian. While the college’s principal, Dr. Rama, had claimed that 90 percent of the college’s students are vegetarians. A student living in the hostel said no order has been issued to stop non-vegetarian food. This is unfair because we are away from family and need nutritious food. There must be a solution to the problem.

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