Haj Yatra: 4314 Muslim Women Go On Haj Yatra Without Men, This Decision Is Linked To Women Empowerment

4314 Muslim women will go on Hajj Yatra without men, this decision is being linked to women empowerment

Delhi Haj Committee Chairman Kausar Jahan gives information about the yatra.
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Delhi Haj Commission Chairman Kausar Jahan said that physical health has been given priority in Haji’s training this year. People have been advised to keep themselves healthy by telling them to exercise. Due to the permission given to Muslim women to go to Hajj even without a companion, the number of such female Hajj pilgrims has increased. This time, 4314 female Haj pilgrims are traveling without any companion.

He said that this year the work of training and checking documents of 22 thousand Haj pilgrims from Delhi has been completed. Safe transport is assured for them by means of buses with a low floor. Women and the elderly are provided with amenities in the transit camp through all kinds of facilities. A request has been made to create more checkpoints at the airport for the smooth passage of passengers. Efforts are being made to ensure their safe exit by making separate passageways for hajj pilgrims.

Arrangements have been made for the departure of 381 passengers from the first flight on 22 May. Thereafter, the hajj pilgrims are sent to the hajj pilgrimage through other successive flights. From July 3 to July 22 there is a program for the return of hajj pilgrims. A special program was held on May 21 at the start of the departure of the hajj pilgrims.

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