G-20 Summit: Encroachment will be removed from Delhi’s roads, bulldozer will drive from tomorrow


There is a plan to clear the roads for the G-20 summit from encroachment. MCD is running a special promotion from Monday. Starting February 6, bulldozers will drive on breaches for 15 days. In addition, posters pasted on walls, subway pillars, unnecessary billboards at intersections are removed, and rubbish and debris are cleared away.

The blueprint was prepared by the Chief Secretary of the Government of Delhi and handed over to the MCD. Together with MCD, PWD, DDA and other agencies will receive full cooperation in the campaign. The company says roads define the character of any city. This decision was made to further improve and clean the roads for the dignitaries coming to the G-20. The main goal of this campaign is to give the city roads a new look.

overhead cables are removed

Overhead lines also look unattractive and cluttered on the roads, these will be removed by the relevant authorities where possible. MCD has recently removed the catenary in the Mehrauli area. In addition, the cleaning of rainwater drains will be given priority and where manhole covers are missing, they will be replaced with priority. Black spots identified by Delhi Police will be illuminated.

During the campaign, the police will direct traffic

Temporary, permanent infestations will be removed during the campaign in consultation with other authorities. Delhi traffic police will work together to ease traffic and pedestrians. All kinds of garbage, debris, posters, billboards will be removed from the roads.

The Delhi government requested 927 crores from the center in preparation

The Delhi government has requested Rs 927 crore from the Center for preparations for the G-20 meeting. To this end, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia wrote a letter to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday and sought funds to quickly complete the preparations. Sisodia has said that it is a great pleasure for India that this time India is hosting the G-20 meeting. It is a matter of luck for the people of Delhi that most of its important activities will take place in Delhi itself.

The Government of Delhi will fully cooperate with the Government of India in making the organization of this G-20 meeting a success. The Delhi government will strive to ensure that there will be no shortfall in hosting the international guests who come to the G-20 meeting. May they return with unforgettable memories of Delhi as the capital of 21st century India. In this direction, different departments of the Delhi government have created a framework for organizing various activities and programs ranging from infrastructure development.

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