Flight stopped for girlfriends: false information about bomb in plane, youth wanted to spend more time with girls

फ्लाइट में बम की सूचना देने वाला आरोपी गिरफ्तार

Police have arrested the suspect who made the false bomb threat in Spice Jet’s Delhi-Pune flight number SG-8938 on Thursday. The suspect works as a British Airways Trainee Ticketing Agent. The suspect revealed during interrogation that he gave false information about the bomb to stop his friends’ girlfriends in Delhi. She was going to go to Pune by plane. The police are looking for the two friends of the suspect who were involved in the incident. On Thursday evening, Spice Jet’s call center received information about a bomb planted on the plane. After this, the security services became alert.

On intelligence of the case, the CISF and Delhi Police, deployed in airport security, reached the spot and knocked down the passengers on board the plane. The aircraft was then towed from the runway to shore and searched. No explosives were found on the plane during the search. The police called the information a rumor and started looking for the person who provided the false information.

During the investigation, the police team placed the number from which the information was given on surveillance. The investigation revealed that this mobile number belongs to Abhinav Prakash. Following this, the police team raided the suspect’s home in Dwarka Sector 22 and arrested him.

Girls met in Manali

During the interrogation, the accused told that his two friends Kunal and Rakesh had gone to Manali in the past. Where he met two young women. Both women were to go to Pune on a Spice Jet flight on Thursday. Abhinav’s friends told him that he wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend. In such a situation, something must be done to delay the flight.

The suspect did not respond when approached by Spice Jet

After this, the three planned to give false information about the presence of a bomb on the plane. Abhinav Prakash called from his mobile and informed Spice Jet’s call center about the bomb on the plane. SpiceJet tried to contact Abhinav, but he did not respond to calls.

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