Even Today, This Shameful Story Will Shake The Soul: Head Shaved And Black Face, Gang Rape, Victim Still In Shock – Year After Gang Crime Incident Of Woman In Delhi S Kasturba Nagar Victim Still In Shock

कस्तूरबा नगर में महिला के साथ हुई थी हैवानियत

There was brutality with a woman in Kasturba Nagar
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Last year, on January 26, when the whole country was celebrating Republic Day, a 20-year-old woman was brutally assaulted in Vivek Vihar’s Kasturba Nagar. After the suspect kidnapped the woman, the suspect not only made her bald, but also blackened her face and forced her to roam the neighborhood. Later, when they took her to a house, the minors also raped the woman. There was a lot of commotion after the incident. The police arrested a total of 21 people in one tax case. Among them were 12 women, four men and five minors. A report has been drawn up against them. Amar Ujala tried to investigate what happened a year after the incident and how the victim is now.

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