Enlightening news: Zero cases of corona reported in Delhi for the first time, no patient died, active case 10 – Corona In Delhi, zero cases of corona were reported in Delhi for the first time No patient died

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Zero cases of Covid have been reported in Delhi for the first time. The first case was reported in March 2020, since then cases have been reported continuously in Delhi. With cases declining, there are only 10 corona-infected patients left in Delhi. At the same time, all of Delhi’s Containment Zones have also been opened.

According to the Ministry of Health, zero new cases of corona were reported on Monday, while nine were released from hospital and home isolation after recovery. It is a relief that no patient has died of corona. Previously, one case was reported in Delhi on January 15, three on January 14, six on January 13, five on January 12 and three on January 11. In Delhi, a corona test was done on Sunday on 931 people, with 0.0 percent of the people found to be infected.

So far 2007313 people have been found infected in Delhi in this way. Of these, 1980781 patients became healthy, while 26522 patients died of corona. The death rate of Corona in Delhi is 1.32 percent. According to the department, the number of active cases of corona in Delhi has dropped to 10.

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