Education: The Language Of India project is launched for the students of classes VI to VIII

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The government of Delhi has taken a step towards teaching Indian languages ​​to the children of government and government aided schools in a playful way. To this end, The Language of India Project is being started in schools for children from sixth to eighth grade. Under this project, children will be forced to do activities such as a word game using the meanings of different popular words in different languages, a poster making contest in different languages, celebrating local regional festivals and storytelling of their importance in prayer meetings.

According to the Department of Education, The Language of India project is initiated to introduce Indian languages ​​in all government and government aided schools. The National Education Policy emphasizes language learning for pupils in classes VI to VIII.

Children can participate in the activities of this project in the form of a game. This project will not only create understanding among the students about the unity of India, but will also make them aware of India’s wonderful cultural heritage. The activities below will be fun and the children will not be judged on them.

The management says that teachers of the relevant language will play an important role in this. This will help the students to know the commonly used expressions and sentences in different languages ​​of India, know the vocabulary of classical Indian languages ​​and also be able to organize syllables and sentence structures.

Photos, posters tell about languages

As part of the project, word games are organized for the children in the schools, in which they become acquainted with the meaning of various popular words in the languages. At the same time, schools will have to celebrate local regional festivals and their importance will be told in the prayer meeting. In addition, a poster making competition is organized in different languages. In addition, during the annual events, pictures, photos and dance of different languages ​​will be told about the language through music.

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