Duty of the youth to remove Delhi from the quagmire of corruption: BJP


State BJP working president Virendra Sachdeva said in the meeting of Yuva Pradesh Morcha executive

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New Delhi. Delhi is bogged down in the quagmire of corruption. It is the duty of the youth to be active in getting the people of Delhi out of this swamp. Virendra Sachdeva, the working president of the BJP, said these things at the meeting of the Yuva Pradesh Morcha executive branch. He said that youth power plays an important role in the development of the state. So he must set out to expose the government’s corruption. Such a government sits in Delhi which, instead of providing employment to the youth of Delhi, has done the work of forcing them into alcoholism.

Speaking at the rally, opposition leader Ramveer Singh Bidhuri said this is the first government in the country to push Delhi’s youth and women to get drunk for their own benefit. One by one everything is revealed. Yuva Morcha employees should go door to door to talk about the scam. Secretary General of the state organization, Siddharthan, discussed the importance of Yuva Morcha and presented the outline of the upcoming program before the meeting. Vishnu Mittal, the leader of Morcha state, said that BJP Yuva Morcha has always played a leading role in Delhi’s politics. The role of the front is also expected to be prominent in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

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