Does the hand come to the ‘hand’?

Will the hand join the 'hand'?

From the point of view of the Congress, it is a good thing that the party leadership has announced plans along with the Bharat Jodo Yatra to keep the organization active. The most harmful thing for an organization is that the leadership does not provide direction and program, leaving the employees inactive. That is why Congress has decided to start the ‘Hath Se Hath Jodo’ campaign from January 26. This campaign is as ambitious as the Bharat Jodo Yatra which will be completed on January 30 in Srinagar. When the program of this yatra was announced, most people did not even expect that Rahul Gandhi and other ‘Bharat Yatris’ would actually walk three and a half thousand kilometers. That this visit would be so influential was not even expected at the time. The success of this yatra has established the credibility of the Congress and the people associated with it. The credibility of Rahul Gandhi has increased the most, who is now seen as a leader with a basic understanding and connected to the common people.
Therefore, the letter he has now written to the general public about the new campaign will not be taken lightly. The Congress has claimed that during this campaign, its workers will go door to door in all six lakh villages with Rahul Gandhi’s letter and ‘indictment form’ against the Modi government. The party has termed this “apolitical” Bharat Jodo Yatra as a political outreach campaign by the Congress. That is why the election symbol ‘hand’ of the party is prominent. With this campaign, the party naturally calls on the people to join hands with the ‘hand’ of the congress. It is clear that at this point there is as much doubt about its success as about the success before the Bharat Jodo Yatra. However, it can be said for sure that Congress may not achieve the same success in connecting people to itself in this campaign, but it will maintain momentum and activism in the party organization, which has been cut off from scratch in recent decades. In itself it is very important.


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