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digitization in india

The strength of India’s digital economy and all the talk of making the country a center for advanced technologies like semiconductors is so great that a large number of people in the country actually believe that the country is emerging as the world’s leading modern economy. But looking at the facts, there would be no hesitation in saying that reality contradicts this belief. The fact is that the growth of the Internet in India has almost stagnated. And this aspect is reflected in the official statistics themselves. The latest data from telecom regulator TRAI shows that the number of people using broadband in India has remained stable over the past two years. In 2021, general internet subscribers in the country will also increase by less than one percent. Experts have said that because of the high cost of smartphones, low-income people cannot buy mobile phones, and because they cannot buy smartphones, they cannot connect to the Internet. For its part, the government has made many arrangements related to banking, rationing, education, health and daily necessities almost online. A small part of society also uses it.
But in India, about half of the population does not have such an internet connection, so that these services can be used. Since that part of the population is not part of the media or general discussions, it is not even noticed. While most of the decisions on digitization are made by the governments citing speeding up the work process, reducing corruption and making the services cheaper. But the sections for whom these things are important will be able to really benefit – this question is completely ignored. According to data from TRAI, there were just over 800 million internet subscriptions in India at the end of July. It is clear that in many of these cases the same person may have had more than one subscription. It is clear that millions of people in the country are beyond the reach of the internet.

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