Delhi: Young man was killed with a knife after hitting his shoulder.

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In Ashok Vihar district, a young man was stabbed to death by a neighbor when he bumped his shoulder. The suspect, who fled after committing the crime, collided with a rickshaw tractor. When he resisted the rickshaw puller, the suspect also attacked him with a knife, badly wounding him and he fled.

Both injured people were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors said the boy had been brought to death, while the rickshaw puller is being treated in critical condition. On the statement of the rickshaw puller, the police reported murder and attempted murder and arrested the suspect.

The deceased has been identified as 38-year-old Ashok. Ashok used to work in a factory. He was due to go home around 9 p.m. on January 10. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Rohit, who lives nearby, came by. Rohit’s shoulder collided with Ashok’s shoulder. In this regard, Ashok advised him to walk well. There was an argument between the two over this matter.

Rohit took out a knife and attacked Ashok. After committing the crime, Rohit started running away from there. Meanwhile, he collided with Ganesh, a rickshaw puller who lived in the industrial area of ​​Wazirpur. The accused got confused with Ganesh about this. As the dispute escalated, Rohit also attacked Ganesh with a knife. There is a knife on Ganesh’s thigh and genitals.

After getting information about the incident, the police reached the scene and took both injured people to a nearby hospital where Ashok was pronounced dead. Ganesh’s treatment takes place there. Ganesh tells the police that he saw Rohit attacking Ashok. Then, as he ran away, he attacked her too.

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