Delhi: Yamuna water will be tested by taking samples from three places


– Photo: Amar Ujala


Delhi Assembly will have Yamuna water tested. On Friday, Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goyal ordered the Delhi Jal Board and a private agency to collect water samples. Samples are taken at three locations, each one kilometer away. The lab test report is consistent with the claims made by the BJP MLAs. If the claims are found to be false, the speaker can take action against the MLAs.

Ram Niwas Goyal addressed the press at the end of the winter session of the Vidhansabha and said that the report would be placed on the floor of the House after examination. If the BJP’s allegation is found to be false during the investigation, action will be taken as per the rules. In fact, the BJP MLA had reached the house on Wednesday with dirty water in a bottle. Also claimed that Yamuna water has become 200 percent more polluted in eight years. Yamuna’s water has turned into acid. Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Assembly said he would have the water tested and if no acid was found in the water, he would resign his membership.

Security breach during session

Ram Niwas Goyal said there were several shortcomings in security during the House. The BJP MLA reached the house with a gas cylinder. When Marshall was asked to bring the cylinder, he took it inside, but went outside and gave it away. Apart from this, there have been security breaches in many other places as well. A report on this has been requested from the security officials.

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