Delhi: With the scorching heat in Delhi-ncr, the danger is increasing, people are getting sick

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With the mercury rising in Delhi-NCR, the number of patients in hospitals is starting to increase. Patients reach the hospital with complaints such as vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, dizziness, weakness and dark eyes. Apart from this, some patients also get infected with viral fever and malaria.

Doctors say that due to the scorching sun, people face the problem of water shortage for a few days. Often people do not drink enough water and become dizzy. Apart from this, immunity also becomes weak in this season, making the patient easily vulnerable to other infections. Dehydration causes people to have problems like weakness, fatigue, blood pressure problems, fever. It is very common to have problems with the eyes due to the strong rays of the sun and rising heat. In this season, people may have problems such as allergy, redness, burning and stinging in the eyes.

Take care of small children, the elderly, pregnant and sick

Dr. Suresh Kumar, director of Loknayak Hospital, said the problem is getting worse as the weather gets warmer. Small children, the elderly, pregnant and sick people need more attention during this time. Due to the heat, there is a shortage of water in the body, which can cause problems in other ways. In such a situation, people should consume more water-rich fruits and vegetables. Avoid sunlight.

keep immunity strong

Neeraj Tripathi, Senior Physician of AYUSH Department at Jag Pravesh Hospital said that our digestive system is not working optimally in summer season. In such a situation, we should eat good and fresh food. If we eat stale or heavy foods, there may be other problems along with stomach upset. Food nowadays spoils quickly due to the heat and should therefore not be stored for too long. Apart from this, more watermelon, melon, cucumber, cucumber, products made from milk, lemon water and sattu should be consumed in this season. This preserves the amount of water in our body. At the same time, when drinking juice, remember to keep it in a clean vessel. Drinking juice kept in bad and dirty utensils causes the problem of diarrhea.

these are the problems

  • headache
  • dermatitis and itching
  • upset stomach, diarrhoea
  • Dizziness in patient with low blood pressure
  • Dysuria
  • stone growth in the kidney
  • urinary infection
  • dry eyes
  • burning sensation and redness of the eyes

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