Delhi: Traffic police did road construction on Delhi-Jaipur highway at night, got relief from traffic jam – Traffic police did road construction on Delhi-jaipur highway at night

Delhi Jaipur highway file pic

Delhi Jaipur highway photo
– Photo: Amar Ujala


In view of the massive congestion on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway on Tuesday, senior officers of the Delhi traffic police carried out roadworks all night. Among these, many cuts were closed by increasing the width of the ramp and diversions and encroachments were removed. As a result, there was a light traffic jam in some places on the highway all day on Wednesday. As a result, the drivers took 15 to 20 minutes extra time compared to normal days.

A test drive to close the highway was carried out on Tuesday, according to the Delhi traffic police. In addition, the drivers had to deal with heavy traffic jams. The Delhi-Gurugram roadway was blocked for eight km from Rajokri to GGR flyover. The highway will remain closed for construction for 90 days. Construction work cannot be stopped. People’s problems also had to be looked at.

In view of this, all senior police officers of the traffic police, along with the engineers, under the supervision of the Special Commissioner of Police Surendra Singh Yadav, reached the spot at 10 PM on Tuesday night. After this, the police made some changes to the highway until 3 a.m. As a result, traffic on the highway remained normal on Wednesday. In some places, there were only traffic jams during the morning and evening rush hours.

People accepted the advice of Delhi traffic police

It is believed that people followed the advice of the Delhi traffic police and avoided coming to the highway. However, the special police commissioner has claimed that there were more vehicles on the highway on Wednesday than on normal days. He said senior traffic cops were watching the highway all day long. People were also informed about the situation via social media.

Tuesday night’s changes…

  • The width of the ramp on both sides of the highway has been increased. Previously there was a 16 meter ramp. Police made the ramp first 50 feet, then 60 feet, and about 60 feet by morning by dumping soil and reversing the jersey barrier. The width of the highway is 21 meters.
  • Earlier, the ramp from Delhi to Gurugram was 16 meters which has been enlarged to 18 meters. After a while, traffic returned to normal. In view of this, it was later reduced to 19 meters.
  • The route from the highway to the slip road has been widened. It used to be about 14 meters, now it has been widened to 19-19 meters on both entrances and exits.
  • The encroachment was removed overnight under the Mahipalpur flyover at Rangpuri Chowk. Traffic cops are deployed here.
  • Both lines from Delhi to Gurugram at Rangpuri Chowk roundabout under Mahipalpur flyover are closed. Only the routes from Vasant Kuj to the airport and from the airport to Vasant Kunj are open.
  • All routes to the airport are closed. Traffic from the airport will be diverted directly towards Mehram Nagar. This kept traffic moving straight ahead.
  • Police made some U-turns on the highway and closed some of them.
  • Delhi traffic police personnel were placed on the highway in two shifts. Now only one shift has been done. Police officers are deployed from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Several cranes have been placed on the highway so that the damaged vehicles can be removed immediately. Lamps have also been installed in some places.

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