Delhi: Three-storey building collapsed as soon as fire broke out in transport warehouse, three firefighters were injured – Delhi: Three-storey building collapsed as fire broke out

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Firefighters extinguish the fire…
– Photo: Amar Ujala

On Wednesday morning, a major fire broke out on the outskirts of Jaipur Golden Transport near Roshanara Road in Sabzi Mandi area. In no time, the smoke spread all over the room. After obtaining information about the incident, 40 fire brigade vehicles arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, while extinguishing the fire, the three-story building collapsed. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries in the accident. The godown contained clothing and other items except chemicals. There is a risk of chemical fire after a short circuit.

According to the police, the warehouse of Jaipur Golden Transport is spread over two thousand meters in the residential area. All types of goods are kept in the warehouse for transportation. Suddenly on Wednesday around 11:40 a fire broke out in the building on the ground floor. The fire spread so quickly that it soon engulfed the upper floors. As soon as the information was received, 12 fire brigade vehicles arrived on the scene.

The firefighters stopped the vehicles on the main road and brought the pipes from there to the site. Due to the size of the fire, 12 more vehicles were called up. Firefighters were putting out the fire on the first floor. Meanwhile, the three-story building collapsed. This caused the firefighters who were putting out the fire to run away after saving their lives. Three staff members were injured. Firefighters said goods worth lakhs were burned. The extinguishing work of the fire continues. Another 16 vehicles have been called up.

people made noise and then ran away

The fire department said they were putting out the fire on the first floor. The building started to shake. When people started making noise about the building collapsing, they left the pipe there and ran. Had there been some delay, a major accident could have happened. As soon as they came out, the top part of the building fell heavily. Three employees suffered minor injuries.

People feared cracks in the walls of nearby houses

Local residents said that transport work is being done in the residential area. There’s been several fires here before. Chemicals were stored in the warehouse where the fire broke out, which caused the fire to spread very quickly and to take on an enormous shape in no time. It was said that the company also has an office in Bawana, while there is a warehouse here. Other businessmen moved the warehouse here, but the work of Jaipur Golden Transport continued. Local resident Mahendra Kumar said that after the fire broke out, there were cracks in the walls of some houses in the area. People are very afraid of this.

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