Delhi: Three-day assembly starts from Monday, there is a chance of a stir in the House

दिल्ली विधानसभा (फाइल फोटो)

Delhi meeting (file photo)
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The three-day session of the Delhi Assembly will begin from Monday. There is a chance of upheaval in the session that runs from January 16 to 18. First, the BJP is demanding to extend the session for 10 days, while the ongoing battle over the MCD mayor election and the ongoing conflict between the Lieutenant Governor and the Delhi government will also impact the meeting.

The party and opposition have prepared a complete strategy regarding the Delhi Assembly session. Where the ruling party will be aggressive about the lieutenant governor and attack the BJP government at the center for obstructing the work of the elected government, then the opposition members will also be in the dock about the functioning from the government of Delhi. The ruling party can also introduce a resolution condemning the Mohalla Clinic and the election of the MCD mayor.

The opposition says the Delhi government has become dictatorial. Wants to avoid public questions, therefore the duration of the session has been kept short. Try to avoid public questions and try to cut question time out of the editing session. But sources reveal that if more sessions are needed for discussion, it can be extended by a day or two. Looking at the issues of the government, the chairman of the assembly will make a final decision on this. Given the current situation of Corona, all members have been asked to wear a face mask inside the Chamber.

Discussions can arise on these topics

Aside from the recent meeting of the MCD House, there will be a situation of confrontation over the mayor’s election dispute.

On the conflict between the lieutenant governor and the government of Delhi, both sides can cause an uproar by making accusations and counter-accusations.

The AAP leader can accuse an officer of withholding important files under pressure from the central government. BJP will try again and again to debate the issue of public interest, will make development a problem.

The ruling party is also preparing to loudly raise the mohalla clinic controversy in the House.

The ruling party will also make the CBI raid a problem.

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