Delhi: Terror Of Stray Dogs In Delhi, Brothers Scratched To Death In Rangpuri, Numerous Traces Found On Body – The Menace Of Stray Dogs In Delhi

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The police officers of the South Western district and the doctors who performed the autopsy were shocked to see the bodies of both Anand and Aditya brothers. The police officer said there were so many dog ​​bite marks on the children’s bodies that they could not be counted. The autopsy doctors have made it clear that there are traces of dog and other animal bites on the children’s body. The condition was such that many organs were separated.

Additional Deputy Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar told that the children’s father, Pawan, is originally a resident of Gosai Nagar, Prayagraj. He is disabled and mentally weak. For this reason, he lives in the ancestral place of Gosai Nagar. Wife Sushma had come to Delhi with three children for a job in a beauty salon. It was difficult to cope with three children, so she did not take her husband to Delhi. In the research so far, no dogs have previously attacked a human.

Investigation and questioning of the local population has revealed that the dogs that carried out the incident attacked goats and pigs. The additional deputy police commissioner wrote a letter to the municipal corporation about the incident on Sunday night and also informed officials by calling them. The letter states that two children have died after being mauled by dogs in the Vasant Kunj region. These dogs become dangerous to human life. In such a situation, these dogs should be removed from the area. Delhi Police have advised people living in the area to be vigilant and not allow children to leave their homes.

Dogs get scared by throwing meat

Police officials say there are many meat shops in Rangpuri Hill. These people throw the rubbish in the forest around the camp and Rangpuri Hill. Dogs eat meat from this waste. This makes these dogs furious.

Canker sores become fear of stray dogs

The threat of stray dogs has become a cancer for the inhabitants of the capital. Stray dogs attack more than every hundred people. Despite this, the local authorities are unable to take action due to strict laws and regulations. They can only sterilize these dogs. But this work is not going fast either. As a result, the number of stray dogs is increasing.

The initiative to curb the number of dogs was taken before the Commonwealth Games. In 2007, a study was conducted into the number of stray dogs. In addition, information was received about five lakh stray dogs on the streets. After this, a sterilization initiative was started with the help of some NGOs. In the beginning, 20 to 30 thousand dogs were sterilized annually, now 50-60 thousand dogs are sterilized annually. At the same time, there was no survey to find out the number of dogs after the year 2007, but according to one estimate, there may be about 7 lakh unclaimed dogs in the capital.

Despite the start of the sterilization campaign, the number of dogs has increased instead of decreased. It is said that more than half of the currently existing stray dogs are not sterilized. More stray dogs are born each year than the number of dogs that die. Despite complaints, people are unable to get rid of the threat of stray dogs, because by law these dogs can only be sterilized and cannot be let loose in other areas.

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