Delhi: Steps have been taken to make world-class roads, Delhi government’s efforts have been intensified – Delhi government’s efforts to make world-class roads intensified

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The government of Delhi is making an effort to make the roads in the capital beautiful, safe and world-class. In this series, projects worth Rs 17.79 crore were approved on Tuesday. Reinforcement and beautification of road from Deenpur Kachha Talab and Tajpur turn to police checkpoint at Anuvrat Marg and Goyla Deenpur Road in South Delhi.

The drainage along GT Road will also be reconstructed. After the completion of all three projects, there will be no problem of flooding during monsoon season on Goyla Dinpur Road and GT Road.

PWD Minister Manish Sisodia said that in order to provide a smooth commuting experience for Delhi residents, to strengthen and weatherproof the roads, the government is commissioning regular assessments by the team of experts. IIT Roorkee also conducted an investigation.

Below that, a blueprint is being prepared to make the roads strong and safe. Work is underway to improve the roads under PWD in a systematic manner.

The old roads have created cracks at the top. Because of this, there is a problem with vehicular traffic in many places. Therefore, the work of reinforcement is begun. PWD officials have been instructed to complete road reinforcement work on time.

Instructions to increase the height of the road

The cost of the road reinforcement project up to 2.50 km on Anuvrat Marg is Rs 7.82 crore. The cost of reinforcement of Goyla Dinpur Road is Rs 8.07 crore for 4.2 km. To solve the problem of flooding, it has been requested to make the Deenpur road higher.

The other project involves reconstruction of the existing drain along GT Road from the other side of Mansarovar Park to Kendriya Vidyalaya at a cost of Rs 1.90 crore. At the same time, maintenance is also carried out on the footpath and central reservation. Painting work on road markings, parapets/railings, etc. is also carried out in accordance with the standards.

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